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" I love music since I can remember and always wanted to be a singer and  producer. Already with

14 years I was lucky to be in the famous studios of Munich/Germany, where the world hits of Donna Summer and Silver Convention were produced.

Since 30 years I worked as music & video producer for TV and CD productions. Composing, mixing and mastering, especially of trailers and audio post-productions are my main focus, besides my own artistic projects of course."

Christian Buehner, New Age musician, composer, singer, music & video producer, photographer, multimedia artist

" I was born in Munich, Germany with the dream of becoming an actor. And that dream became true.          I started my career as an actor and TV presenter at the age of 16. Since then i participated in productions of classic and modern theater, short films, comercial spots and as a host and presenter in a variety of TV formats for the largest German TV stations.

17 years ago I discovered for myself the creative work behind the camera as a music & video producer in Tenerife and dedicating myself to own projects as a multimedia artist ."

Juergen Julien Blaschke, actor, host,

music & video producer, multimedia artist

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